Must Have Qualifications for Finding The Perfect Personal Trainer in Ajax Ontario

Finding a Personal Trainer in Ajax Ontario was harder then I thought… but it did not have to be!

Last month I finally decided to do something about my figure. It seemed to me that taking the stairs no longer did the trick and I need a proper fitness and exercise routine. So, on the following Saturday, armed with iron dedication I commenced on, what I thought was, a journey to a new, better me. In other words, I went to the local fitness club and hired my very first personal trainer.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Ajax OntarioSome 50 minutes later I cursed myself for putting a foot in that sports club – every muscle in my body ached like never before, I was nearly unable to stand on my feet let alone to move. “Well, the guy promised me this is a normal reaction since I haven’t been doing any physical exercise for quite some time. Things will get better, I am sure!”

By the time of my next appointment two days later, I was still suffering from the worst muscle fever I have ever had in my entire life. Blaming myself for the brainless decision to go and work out like a pro when I could hardly make it to the fifth floor, I couldn’t help but wonder was it all my fault or I’ve simply hired the wrong personal trainer.

Clearly, the truth was somewhere in between, so instead of hurrying to the gym for another hour of humiliation and pain, I sat down and made a list of the 7 must have qualifications for finding the perfect personal trainer in Ajax Ontario (where i live).

1. Make it personal. As many others, I assumed that I need a personal trainer just because I didn’t really know what to do in a fitness club. But the whole point in hiring a personal trainer is to receive help in establishing your fitness goals, get tailor made work-out routines at every step of your progress and benefit from personal attention at every step of the way.

Do not ever hire somebody just because you need a talking fitness equipment user’s manual or you will end up like me – frustrated and tired and not an inch closer to my fitness goals.

2. Responsibility and accountability. If you decide to hire a personal trainer, make sure you understand how the dynamics of your relationship should be: you are responsible for putting forward your goals, they are accountable for you success.

In other words, your trainer should be able to listen and understand your goals and create work-out plans specifically for you. If you end up paying to a trainer who uses the same exercise routines for all of their clients, you need to look for another person.

3. Paperwork? What paperwork? Your personal trainer should be able to make health and fitness assessments of your condition on a regular basis. A good trainer will monitor and track your progress closely and will even provide you with written reports featuring your advancement and the areas that need extra work.

Clearly, requesting all those paperwork is totally up to you – you may feel more comfortable talking to your trainer every once in a while and getting updates of your progress. A trainer who is unable to asses your initial condition nor to make ongoing assessments of your steps forward is not the right trainer for you.

4. It’s the little things. Regardless of how popular particular trainer is, and certainly regardless of his or hers credentials, it’s the little things that make the greatest impression.

Look for a person who is healthy and fit, punctual and consistent in their life and profession. After all, having a personal trainer who is exemplary is the best motivation you can get.

5. How important is certification? A good personal trainer may come from any walk of life and certification is certainly not a must. Some people came to be excellent fitness instructors as a result of years of personal experience; others got their qualifications from specialized colleges or universities. In other words, the fact that a person can show a bunch of certificates doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a good trainer; it merely shows they managed to fulfill the requirements of the school they attended.

If you decide to look for credentials, make sure your trainer has first aid certification along with their fitness related certificates. As far as school certifications go, the most trustworthy sport and fitness certifications come from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American college of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and American Council on Exercise (ACE).

6. Nutrition. No diet is effective unless backed with an adequate fitness plan. On the other hand, regardless how great a work-out routine is, best results are always achieved along with the correct diet. Your personal trainer need to understand at least the basic rules of healthy nutrition and should be able to advice you on the best nutrition plan to compliment your workout regimen.

7. Trust your gut feeling. You may have found the perfect personal trainer on paper but in reality to feel somehow uncomfortable in their presence. Try to find a person who not only seems right but feels right. Exercising with a personal trainer is a team effort and you will be able to achieve much better results if you feel good around your teammate.

Finding the perfect personal trainer is just half of the challenge. If you really want things to work out, you need to make sure you stick to some basic rules too. Here are some tips that will help you reap out the full benefits of having a personal trainer:

  • Be honest. Even if you’ve hired the best of the best personal trainers, they wouldn’t be able to help you achieve your goals if you hide important information about your physical exercise history, nutritional and lifestyle habits. Keep an open channel of communication and don’t be embarrassed to share how you feel about specific exercise routines too.
  • Be punctual. Never miss a practice unless you have a valid reason; never be late for practice either. It’s not only the inconvenience you cause to your personal trainer; the psychological effect of being late or not attending a work-out session will drag you down and impede your results.
  • Be committed. Commitment is the key to achieving everything in life, including your fitness goals. Stop finding comfy excuses to miss a practice or skip an exercise; the efforts you put in will reward you sooner than you expect.

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